We’re here to make printing die cut stickers smooth and painless – it’s our promise to you.

No, we are a label manufacturer & make custom labels to order.

All label, print, print management & design for work being produced by us.

  • email through your requirements, size, quantities & artwork
  • we will contact you if we need more information, if not we will email a quote to you
  • if the quote meets your approval email us your confirmation to proceed
  • upon receipt we will review & within 2 working days send a sales order confirmation for your records. Please check & advise if it is incorrect
  • at which time graphics will make a start on label design (allow 1-2 days for 1st draft)
  • once artwork is finalised proofing documents will be emailed for your final approval
  • once signed proof has been received by us we will schedule the production run, with despatch typically within 10 working days from sign off of proof

Not every computer has the same fonts. When you send in a vector art file or PDF we open it up in Illustrator, our software searches for the font. If we do not have it, Illustrator will replace it with a default font. To avoid this files must be converted to outlines/set to path. If you are wanting changes, font files or font names need to be supplied when submitting your artwork.

Printing plates are used to transfer images & text onto the label, one plate is needed per colour.
We make our plates in house to ensure the best quality. Each plate is unique to the image or text it holds, it can only be used to print that specific artwork. This is why if you make even the smallest changes to your next print run, a new plate is needed. Repeats of the same print can use the same plate, meaning that there is no plate charge the second time around.

Die cuts are used to create custom shapes & designs for labels. A manufactured die is a specialised piece of metal tooling used to cut a specific shape out of a material. The die cuts out the label & excess material is removed. The die line is the outline of where the die will cut, it is shown as a 0.25mm stroke of 100% magenta.

With flexo label printing ink is applied to printing plates to form the image being printed. The plates are mounted to cylinders which are then rolled over the printing surface. This method is said to be more environmentally friendly than conventional plate processing.


If you need varnish, embellishments or foiling this is the method to use. Also if colour matching to the exact pantone is essential, flexo is superior quality to digital & is the most cost effective option for large & ongoing print runs. It is not ideal for short or small runs.


Digital printing is when a digital image is transferred to the printing surface by applying toner to it directly. Toner is mixed to achieve the right colour so perfect pantone matches often are not possible, although the colour is usually very similar. Digital printing is more cost-effective in smaller batches or when printing different variations & you can easily make changes without needing additional set-up costs.

Excellent and speedy service. Always willing to assist us with our labels and nothing was ever too much trouble. Thank you for all your help and advice and we would definitely reach out for labels again with you in the future. 5 star service!

James Ross

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